Audio Projects

There is a lot to be said for all of these songs. There will be more information coming up in the very near future but for now here is a rough summary.

Tracks 1 through 6 were for CDs produced in Taiwan. They were done for a singing group called Heavenly Melody. These were all done on a Macintosh purely in MIDI using Roland samplers. Those were the glory days. And hard, too!

Track 7 was done for an English teaching project also in Taiwan. Angela and I worked on the initial tracks and then I touched them up. It was done in Logic. On a laptop. PIII 1GHz. That's less than half the power of what most people now use for email! One day *dream dream* we will be able to get a Mac and get Logic 7 Pro... and offers? Anyone?!

Track 8 was done during a stint in Los Angeles while helping out Stream of Praise. It was the first song that I did that Angela helped critique, from Taipei, while I was in LA... the beginnings of international collaboration! And this was done on a G4 450 Cube also in Logic. Remember those? The tracks were then dumped to an Otari-24 through a Tascam US-428. The guitar was (for those who know) that infmaous blue Parker played through that equally infamous Line-6 Pod which is still in Taiwan.

Track 9 was a random track made for an introductory video for the IT department (my last job in Taiwan). They wanted a song. But all I know is groove!

Tracks 10 through 15 were songs Angela and I worked on to keep up our music production skills. Or rather recover them. We hadn't done much and wanted to get a refresher. These were done on a that laptop mentioned above in Logic, with some work done on the Cube, along with a Korg N-5 (thanks Paul for the loaner!). We were trying all kinds of styles.

Track 16 was supposed to be a re-arrangement of the hymn "Nothing But The Blood" but then quickly took on a life of it's own. You may notice the guitar loop is the same as the one used in Demo 5. I happened to find that same audio file while we were working on those so it helped form the basis for Demo 5. This song, by the way, is the FIRST song done in Sampletank.

Tracks 17-19 were songs that were started for a friend's studio in Taipei while I was here in LA. That was using a PIII 600 laptop with only 256MB of RAM to run Gigastudio! It died so many times! It was the reason to get Sampletank... and the MOTU 828 firewire audio card. I still killed it though.

We will be getting back into music soon hopefully!