Coming soon...

What exactly I can't say... Since the last post we have jumped head first into Flex, Python, Django, APIs, Facebook development, PHP, Codeigniter, good old fashioned Flash and new-fangled AS3 Flash with PureMVC, and more. And this site still needs an overhaul with links to what we've been up to!Yeah it's been busy.

Big ol' site update!

Whoohoo! Man have we been busy! So busy that we took forever to get our own site updated. Well, we finally did but it broke some links that used to come in here. Like the one you took to get here just now.


We've done pretty much... well everything that's been given to us to do! Starting with PowerPoint for business presentations that needed that "something extra" has led us to 3D, DVD, and video productions, as well as multilingual ecommerce enabled web sites.

Ask us about your project. Let us know your need. Check out our work on the portfolio menu on the left.